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About us

The company has important stages and began to launch special projects, it was the post-project Evaluation study of the market, the company has established task forces specialized field studies included the real estate market and associated markets, not the Kingdom but also in the Gulf and Arab level produced these studies as a tremendous of data, the company engaged in the Leaders and theorists have to analyze and draw investment and development strategies. To achieve what you seek development projects of excellence and success in the areas of investment is being targeted, it was necessary to adopt the means to excel in all the details of its investments, For Externally as the company that enjoys close relations with all the investment level Alaquilimy, the formation of alliances with distinct from investors seeking to enter into investments with high quality, which enabled the company to weave a strategic relationship with the various categories of investors, who themselves as one of the strengths of the firm.


Chairman's Statement

A visitor, I would like to welcome you to the site development projects, a leading Saudi real estate sector, and I hope to stand on our experience and unique scientific and practical solutions to address the problems of housing that meets the requirements of our time responds to the wishes of our society. This unique experience led to the success of the company frequently, which could not have been possible without the vision focused on mastery of practice, scientific and Astsahpt social and environmental principles and economic development in obtaining positive results that will achieve a balance between the role of the private sector to raise the cumulative GPA of wealth, and the role of public sector in bringing about economic and social development. Therefore, targeting strategy access to all of the slides on the Kingdom to increase the rates of production capacity and diversify the investor base by searching for better opportunities and a commitment to a policy of continuous research and development and which require the mobilization of all material and human resources, technical and benefit from the experience and expertise of local and global levels. Accordingly, the focus was to achieve all of the economic, social, health and security and environmental housing products and other real estate through the implementation of international standards of health and environmental aspects of development environments integrated residential, which will prevent pollution factors and to maintain ecological balance. Proceeding from our commitment to scientific method in building a business concept and evaluating their performance, focusing our approach to actively participate in addressing social issues pressing in the field of housing through the auspices of many intellectual activities that contribute to the assessment, analysis and diagnosis of issues and a successful solutions to address them, adopt and work to set up curriculum Dear Customer, you can be confident that you our top priority and focus of thought and purpose of our investments, we will do for you our best and mobilize for you on our resources and our experience in this area in order to achieve your comfort and well-being and we receive your consent and win the trust to be your choice of sole in achieving your dream to get to Dar-filled, safe, and we welcome your Dear Customer, in Rehab development projects. اhaif bin hussain AL Sulaim



Reconstruction of the ground gained from the methodology of creative culture and a capacity close to the urban environment The company seeks to provide the best methods of production and urban service, the highest international specifications. To be at the forefront of leading real estate companies in the Kingdom and offer quality and service for our customers.



• develop and support the real estate industry locally and regionally global ambition. • play a leading role and adopted a new vision of the real estate market in the Kingdom. • Identify customer requirements and expectations, in order for us to live up to their expectations. • Review and analyze how our business performance, and continuously find ways to reach and achieve better and more efficient. • Stay in close contact with our partners and clients to brief them on developments in our work and our first date. • provide opportunities for successful real estate investment and distinctive. • To provide the best tools for real estate finance to our customers in cooperation with financial institutions and companies, installment, allowing them to purchase housing units that meet their aspirations.


  • Real

    providing distinctive and successful real-estate investment opportunities, drawing up detailed feasibility studies as well as preparing marketing researches, setting sales strategies and establishing investment funds in cooperation with specialized companies.

    A. investment funds: finding and offering real-estate projects through investment funds by drawing up studies and building strategic partnerships with specialized financial companies, as well as supervising the investment project offering, construction, marketing and selling activities.

    B. researches and studies: preparing company’s real-estate reports for the company and other entities through different which adopt the international appraisal and consulting standards.

  • Project management

    applying programs and utilizing enterprise resource planning (EPR) in managing the administrative, financial and technical systems, utilizing international in planning construction projects (Primavera), as well as using the principles of value engineering in executing all of the company’s projects.

  • Property management

    the company runs and manages different properties including the administrative and commercial buildings, resorts and housing compounds either for the company’s projects or for other parties.

    - reviewing the property drawing and ensuring the efficiency of all designs in achieving the required commercial purposes

    - preparing the project’s reports, letters of accruals and administrative expenses.

    - managing the utilities and reviewing their performance in terms of providing the property’s basic services including the maintenance and security services.

    - representing tenants and landlords and providing the best solutions through technical consultations concerning usufructuary rights and property management.

    - representing sellers and buyers and providing releavant  recommendation to them.

    - local and international marketing through establishing strategic partnerships with companies and managing off-shore properties for marketing and mutual sales.

  • Real estate appraisal

    the company’s real-estate appraisal section follows international appraisal standards and presents the real-estate appraisal reports according to sound scientific methods in accordance with uniform standard of professional appraisal practice, and performs real-estae appraisal for both the development projects and the clients. this is done through performing the appraisal using modern methods and professional cadres having the potentails of engineering and administrative supervisions to ensure performing work in a sound manner and in conformity with the quality standards.

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